“Nanoparticles”- Killing Machines of Cancer Cells

Photo Credit: Bigstock

A new technique developed by the Jayanth Panyam, a professor at the university of Minnesota could bring a revolutionary change in the treatment of Cancer. Currently certain medical practices such as Chemotherapy, Lobectomy and Radiation are in use for curing Cancer disease. However when a patient undergoes any of this therapy then there are huge chances of him getting certain side-effects too.

Professor Jayanth Panyam had demonstrated how supermagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle can cure the deadly cancer disease. He conducted experiment on a mice, and proved its efficacy. At first he injected some nanoparticles into the tumors of Mice. Then he placed that mice inside a small magnetic coil and started to oscillate the magnetic field. This helped the nanoparticles to gain heat and they were directed towards the targeted cancer cells, which were killed later.

In order to direct the course of Nanoparticles towards cancer cells, he stated that nanoparticles will be attached to peptides which in turn will stick to cancer cells. Through this method we can kill precisely the selected cells. During this treatment only a negligible amount of heat will be released unaffecting the healthy cells. Researchers now believe that the nanoparticles used in this experiment had used necrosis to destroy the cancer cells rather than hyperthermia.

Professor Panyam was so confident of his new invention and said “ With the right proteins, and a few more studies, it may someday be the smallest particles that take down one of the biggest killers.”