Blue whale… The Mysterious Game

Blue Whale game which is a leading mental health game n like Hypnosis game. Aim of the game developers is to hypnosis the player and finally commit them to sucide.

The Blue Whale Game also called “Blue Whale Challenge”, is an internet game that is claimed to exist in several countries. The game consists of a series of tasks assigned to players by adminis during a 50-day period, with the final challenge requiring the player to commit sucide . The game have some of the proceedings it’s completely depend on the challenges between players n administrators they assign a task per day which are like self mutilation , warning & threat to their family members , and finally instructed to commit sucide.

Firstly few days back some cases has been recorded on victims of this game . They said that a link has been received from unknown number then I installed that it’s not a game (or) app after an hour I continuously got message of particular tasks. The second task was to play a video game of rescuing a small whale from several dangers and taking it to the mother whale. “I was asked to imagine the whole game is set under the sea.” As the third task, he watched a horror movie at odd hours and posted a selfie. The fourth task was to visit a graveyard at odd hours and post a selfie. The fifth instruction was to draw a tattoo of a fish on the forearm using a sharp object. ” I was just about to draw the fish on my arm “. My brother saved me and inform to the nearby police station . Not only one case there are hundreds of cases on the world wide .and one thing interesting point is the game was full of many dangerous & thrilling tasks. Mostly the game was attracted by young people with different mindset . Finally administrators was mainly targeting people who are living in the port cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Puducherry, most of the cases were recorded here COPs saved many of the life’s who were jumped in to the rivers, self mutilation . Cyber secure has started hunting the blue whale developers in India to erase them and to save the many of young life’s . My strong message to the parents who are busy in there work please look after your children completely avoid the computer games and suggest instead of same physical games not only children but also the peer groups Government should take the initiative step and conducting campaigns , messages from celebrities about these type of deadly games …