Movie that makes you feel emotional and crazy..

Starting with Chiru and NBK till recent Arjun Reddy most of the Tollywood movies released in 2017 became blockbusters. The recent movie Arjun Reddy was released on 25th August 2017 on ocassion of Vinayaka chavithi. The movie cast by Pellichoopulu fame Vijay Devarakonda and debut heroine Shalini and other actors. Crew has Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga and Music Director Rashan and Produced by Badhrakali pictures.

Going into the movie stuff the movie is love based script in which Arjun(Vijay) a house surgeon and Preethi (Shalini) does MBBS in same college and love starts and continues, but the story is somewhat different that Hero is of short tempered and heroine is innocent but cute. 1st half is of flashback that shows love between them that makes you feel soo emotional and lovable. His crazy attitude make you feel mad and heroines cute acting makes you feel nice. 2nd half shows present Arjun Reddy in movie and how he tackle the issues regarding short tempered and alcoholic surgeon and the way he being honest in all aspects. The ending of movie is somewhat twist type and you like it very much and feel really good. Irrespective of liplocks, alcohol and drug the movie is smooth going and feel good one. Coming to entertainment Hero friend named Shiva makes you to laugh all the way in movie , that he steals your hearts. Screenplay of movie is good and mainly the music i.e BGM makes you mad so that it added valid points for movie.