Mobile wallets transactions growing its pace everywhere….

Image Source@Businesstoday

Arey chotu I need to credit money to my account, what I need to do yaar? Question asked by an old age uncle. We need to go bank uncle no other way, chotu replied….. Now in 21st century Arey chotu transfer ₹5000/- to my account from your phone urgently, old age uncle asked chotu. Ok uncle over, within minutes the work over… what is the difference , uncle is same chotu is same but technology varied a lot my friends. Within minutes our bank account is credited and debited, what a change great technology.

When demonetization occurred in India all the mobile wallets companies made their ultimate entry and gained a lot. Mainly well know wallets like paytm, mobikwik, phone pe, all other apps. The mark of mobile wallets transactions are going to hit the value of ₹32 trillion by 2022 , by report from consultancy of Deloitte. I don’t understand how these wallets apps are making their way into a great profit and most used for transactions that too money based. Introduction of UPI made this all easy and secured.

Even my old age uncles too now transacting money easily from wherever they are, I really get shock by seeing this adjustment and change over from them. Many vendors and and even cycle based vendors too using paytm, really thanks for such adoption. Changing according to society needs and necessary development. Wallets are changing our perspective towards security and making us to believe in them. Hope they give us required security in money based issues and still achieve such great heights.