Minor Hyderabadi Girls were Rescued from Stepping into Hell

Image Credits: storybird.com

The lives of many young and minor Hyderabadi girls were saved by city cops great efforts. It is a well known fact to many Hyderabad residents that, how minor girls were sold to wealthy sheiks and nawabs of Arab countries. They traffick these girls out of India in the name of marriage and will be sold again into flesh trade after getting bored with them. In this manner the fate of many innocent girls were sealed in far off lands.

However this time it didn’t went well for greedy Indian middlemen or the sheiks of Arab countries who planned to traffick girls out of our country. In a joint operation conducted by Hyderabad police along with their Mumbai counterparts had busted an illegal marriage that is taking place. During this operation an Oman Sheikh was caught on the spot. While investigating further into the case, police had realised that the kingpin behind this illegal doings was on of the Mumbai Qazi.

Farid-Ahmad Khan, a Mumbai based Qazi the chief player who pulls strings in this international human trafficking was arrested. He is said to charge 70,000 Rs for providing fake Nikah Namas for foreigners. Further the prices charged by him varies with the profile of a Sheikh, he is dealing with. But the family members of Qazi are refusing these allegations and say that he is well revered man in the society and merely translates the Nikah Namas from Urdu to English.

At the end of the day Police felt happy for saving the lives of many minor girls and were desperate to further the investigation and crackdown any other similar rackets in the city.

Inputs from : Economic Times