Loving is great and being loved until death is a gift

Love never dies until it is within you, is the famous quote given by any lover on Earth. Words are easy to say but following is hard, if you followed then the world will talk about you. It’s not the story written by William Shakespeare like Romeo and Juliet but happened really. Yes, the girl asked her boy to marry him as it was the last day of her life. Her name was Ronda Bivens. Everyone has the road named life riding it all the way facing problems, deadlines and more..and finally has an expiry date. This date was just faster in the case of Ronda’s life at 28years. They had a dream of a wedding. The doctor said that she is suffering from cancer and just has few days lo live.

Love has no bounds even at the time of death each of them says into their eyes, tears rolled down the cheeks and finally, the girl’s eyes closed down. This tragedy involves the friendship value that her friend has fulfilled her dream by gathering all her friends and her boyfriend, Matt. Matt was the father of her two children and they loved each other till the deadline arrived. The girl’s friend took off her wedding dress and gave it to Ronda. Ronda felt to have the dream once with her boyfriend Matt i.e, Her wedding. They kissed and cried and smiled looking into each one’s eyes and finally, she became married women on her 28th birthday, passed away in the hospital itself.

Before dying, she said that for everyone “if there is any buff feeling in your body please have a checkup and don’t neglect it. If you neglected you must have a battle to me because it may be cancer that attacked me and that separated me from my sweetheart Matt.”

Loving is great and being loved until death is a gift and this has stood as best example for all the lovers that who love their dearest ones. It is beyond Romeo and Juliet, but it is life to be move on.