List of Ivy League Schools

Founded in 1954, the Ivy League is an intercollegiate sporting competition that includes 8 universities in the North Eastern USA. The term ‘Ivy League’ commonly refers to the academic success and prestigious reputation of these schools as they are consistently ranked among the best schools in the world. All are long established private universities.

The universities which are part of the Ivy League are listed below:

Harvard University – Situated in Massachusetts, is the oldest of all the universities in the USA and is often considered as the most prestigious. In academics, Harvard is best known for its law, business and medical schools.

Yale University – Situated in Connecticut, it has the largest library in the USA. Yale is known for its medical and law schools.

University Of Pennsylvania – Situated in Pennsylvania, it was one of the first institutions in North America to offer a no. of different concentrations and majors at one school. Today, it is well known for its Wharton Business School.

Princeton University – It is situated in New Jersey. It does not offer any law, medical and business programs. However, all of its programs are well respected.

Columbia University – It is situated in New York City. It is one of the top-rated journalism schools in the USA.

Brown University – Situated in Rhode Island, it is known as the most liberal when compared to the rest.

Dartmouth College – Situated in New Hampshire, it is the smallest of the Ivy League schools. It is known for its liberal arts program

Cornell University – It is situated in New York. It is admired for its law and veterinary schools as well as more technology-related majors.