Linking of metro rails with GPS

Photo Source: The Hindu

The metro rail in Hyderabad are elivated about 72kms which is developed by the L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad.This has 3corridors and 66 stations.The matro rails help the people to go fast form place to place in a low time. People of our city are eagarly waiting for the completion of metro rail project in Hyderabad.Some of them had seen the working of metro rails in Hyderabad. The can make the lifes faster and more safe.

This metro rail has 3 gates. Gate1, Gate2, Gate3. Each pillar of the metro rail is marked with the serial number in the clock wise direction. This make easy to the travellers to find the location of the rail, if they are connected with the GPS. So for this our beloved CM K.Chandrashekar Rao along with the manager of the Hyderabad Metro Rail(HMR)’s Managing Director Mr.N V S Reddy held a metting with senior official officers in Metro Rail Bhavan.

If this happen this would be tourist friendly in our city. Each and every person can know where the metro rail reach to the which pillar at what time.To inaugurate 1st 30 kms-long-first phrase our CM had invited our Prime Minister Narendra Modiji as he is expected to come for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit from Noveber28 to 30.The other 72kms-long-pharse is being developed by metro rail.That may be started in January.