Let’s Junk The Junk Food

Junk food is the food that is unhealthy and when taken at regular intervals may affect the health of the consumer. Nutritional values of these foods are very low. Most people prefer junk food because of its cheaper cost, good taste, and appearance. Common junk food which we come across are chips, panipuri, noodles, and cakes to name a few. In many places, these foods are prepared with already used oil, which has adverse effects on the consumer.

Harmful Effects Of Junk Food:
• Junk food contains fats and cholesterol, which inturn reduces the level of nutrition and the consumer gets weakened.
• Due to the high oil content, the consumer finds it difficult to digest the food.
• It leads to obesity.
• Due to high cholesterol content, the liver may get damaged.
So, let’s junk the junk food to care about our health.