Legs that won’t stop on track and even in life…. success run of Hima Das

Hima Das from Assam who had won the IAAF world U-20 Championship gold medal at Tampere, Finland for the first time from India. The story behind this hard run is her poverty with commitment to succeed in life.
Born in Assam to a poor agricultural family and from the dormant stage Hima is very much interested with Athletics. She used to run on paddy fields which is a correct run because running on paddy fields is so tough because of its roughness. Her home doesn’t has electricity and a small room with a minimal feeding. These all made her more strong towards her commitment. Her coaches Shamsul sir and Nipon sir made a great effort to make her a run machine, but the winning effort was maximum by her because she used to run from small age only. The school where she studied says that whenever there is football tournament Hima will be incharge for those and she plays as well but she used to run along with the ball and go on running. This made her queen in it today.

She had completed the 400m race in within 51.46sec and the second racer completed it in 52.05sec. It is quite interesting that Hima completed within 42nd rank in qualifying round but she totally nailed it in finals. It is the spirit to have a sprint like this. Finally the word I would like to say is poverty must not be a reason for your dream it must be a fuel to your fire to achieve it. Dream about it and make it to happen by facing all the hardships and you will definitely be a golden jewel. Hima Das done it and became first Indian to win a gold medal at IAAF U-20 world championship. It is such a proud moment for our nation and moreover a great push for unseen atheletes in our country hiding in the rural pockets of the nation. There is a need to find them and sharpen them.