Ladakh…The place for adventure trip with loved ones.

The cold desert in the world. People might have heard about this place, but this place is very fabulous for youth, married couple,…..etc. Trekking in the ice that is available there for youth.The married will have the romantic climate over there. Mostly youth and newly married couple visit there. There is great pilgrim place for the mahayana buddisim. They strictly follow this mahayana buddism. No other telecommunication other than only bsnl,airtel and aircel work there. This desert has the many sand dunes which are made of ice.

The ladakh journey can be enjoyed only going through bikes.The glaciers realise their waters from the top of the mountains.This is the risky job which is liked by the youth.The bike may skid at any time.The trucks come in the opposite side.The oxygen levels decreases when we go to the higher altitudes. This cant be done by the old people. So mostly youth enjoy this trip.This is an adventures trip.This cant done by the heart patients.

The forest which we pass through that if any person go inside that forests they forget all their tensions due to the pleasant climate in the forest.Every person has their own loved person if they go into forests and close their eyes they can have the image of their loved ones this the specialty of that forest near that mountain.We can see the people their as the people in Tibet.As people follow Buddhism they looks like the people of Tibet.The ladakh has the military camp where our great javan people who keeps our border and our India safe without any sleep on their eyes.The sweetest place which each and every youngster should enjoy this.