KIKI the viral challenge breaking the internet through breaking our bones.!

Indian parents and people are happy with the slowdown of Blue Whale game fame. They are happy because their children forgot about it and now they are normal. Indian government fought a lot to curb it from every corner of India. Finally they done it and even now doing because 100% is not possible. Now another challenge that is breaking the internet is KIKI challenge.

KIKI challenge is quite interesting that it is not a game or any one to one chat but just a video on YouTube. How come a video is going viral and it is also breaking down our bones. Yeah it all started with the YouTube comedian shiggy posted a video dancing for Canadian Rapper Drake’s ‘In my feelings’ song. It just became popular when his friend Odell Beckham jr. Aped his act by getting off a stationary car. Just this one move made it viral and you know that we all people search for a spicy turn in our life. And for this time people found this as a spicy turn by picking up this challenge.

The netizens started to get off their car and dance for the song. It had reached India and even some stars like Adah Sharma and Regina Cassandra are performing it. Mumbai police already tweeted about it that not to take the challenge. I don’t know people get off their moving car and dance by leaving the car. Just this is known as mad man and many people got stuck to poles and even accident occurred. There must be sense in performing anything, everyone got to know about blue whale and again similar dangerous challenges are picking up by youth.

The Hyderabad and Mumbai police are taking an serious step in stopping the challenge to spread to rest of the youth. People must keep in mind that in India there are no driverless cars and you are the driver for your car and don’t leave it because it will cause you a loss. Be aware of it and don’t perform it and be careful. Challenges must be fruitful but not harmful because they are something that which give satisfaction on completion but not at the risk of our life.