Keep an eye on behaviour, not on marks…

I personally experienced the way students get attracted to many anti-social elements like fights, drugs and other age attractive elements. Now I would like to talk about the hot issue in city i.e, drug affected students from the reputed schools and colleges. The reason may be anything but whenever the student goes out from home he must be very careful about the society.

The point here is that society is always trying to attach you towards the filthy issues because the age matters here. 13-21 is the age in which many students get attracted easily because of many distractions in society help for it. Students may be wrong in approach towards such danger joy, but parents are the one who must be very responsible for your own child’s activity. Status and money in society don’t matter if our child gets addicted for this and get caught openly.

Always keeping an eye on attendance and marks listed in college is not the matter but keeping an eye on behavior and character is very important. Saying is routine but once check the behavior of your child once it will be true my dear parents. When our child caught openly then what is the reaction of you, is it happy or sad, it will be sad definitely. Reading quotes and motivation speech doesn’t matter but saying the nice words from your own tone to your child will give the inner thinking of being nice in society. I hope all the parents will be in such way from now and make the correct path for your dream child, dream because he is the one who will achieve the things only for you.