“Kavita Devi” India’s Women Wrestler at WWE

Indians are so fond of watching fights in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) show. They even more love to watch their own country members to fight in the ring. Till last week only two members had represented from India in this show i.e, the great Khali and Jinder Mahal. However with Kavita Devis’s last week entry into WWE show this number became 3 and she became the first women from India to participate in a male dominated WWE.

Prior to coming into this show, she was a powerlifter. She showed her athlete skills in the ring, during her first WWE match with Dakota Kai, who belongs to Newzealand. That match was her first round in Mae Young Classic tournament, conducted every year by WWE and it is currently taking place in Dubai.

Her video in a fight with Dakota Kai became viral on the internet in recent days. She particularly caught the attention of every Indian around the world with her Saffron coloured Salwar Kameez dress, which she wore during the fight. She hails from Harayana and took formal wrestling training from Khali’s Punjab based Wrestling Promotion and Trainig Academy. So one cannot expect any less from the disciple of a former WWE world champion. She won a gold medal in 2016 South Asian Games. In 75 kg category.

Even though she lost the match, her fan base grew large instantly overnight Many WWE lovers started to follow her on Twiiter and praised her in their tweets.