Jio Vs Airtel will be the competitors in Telecom…

Anyone of us thought that there will be a free internet that too daily 1GB data and forever free calls and messages for nearly 4months. Really we all adjusted and planned how to use 1GB for 1month when such thought doesn’t come to bigshot Mukesh Ambani. Telecom world is such a small and high competitive world in which leading operators like Bharathi Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL etc. Existed and suddenly the telecom industry became such a vast and thoughtful area all over nation and it just because of Mukesh Ambani’s JIO.

In past before Jio, we didn’t have any thought like what if daily 1GB for 4months given free by any operator. We didn’t have such thought because we thought it was a dream. But only Jio made it come true by offering free data and calls and messages for 4months. VoLTE is another parameter used by Jio for attracting many users and in such a way all phones released in India are possessing VoLTE support. Even it may be business but it is giving some satisfaction to us.

Now here the matter is India’s most leading mobile network Bharathi Airtel is offering its VoLTE availability for competing with Jio. At present it was launched in Mumbai and it clarified that there is no additional charges for VoLTE and by March 2018. It is just to take over jio’s domination and make comeback. But it is just somewhat tough task to taken over by Airtel as many of users are interested towards Jio. The charges Jio is offering is just simple and affordable and even the Data speed is too Good. Anyways just hope for Airtel as it old and experienced operator. Jio has its own way as it launched Jio phone and it is creating its own mark. Overall it will be big competition between Jio and Airtel in telecom world.