It’s time to ban plastic

Plastic may be a cheaper product that comes at very low cost to you but that very plastic costs a great deal to the environment which is providing you shelter. With the rapid expansion of the population there was reckless use of plastic bags and very few cares about the safe disposal of plastic related goods like polythene covers, tyres, toys etc.

Realizing the gravity of the future consequences of the problem many African nations too have brought strict legislation into force banning plastic. Recently Kenya another African country was added to this list, which imposed a heavy fine of 40,000 $ or 4 years of jail for using plastic bags. It is estimated that every year 6 million tons of plastic waste is being generated by the 60 cities in India. Similarly 8 million tons of plastic waste is making its way into ocean across the globe. If this trend continues, many believe that the amount of plastic in sea would exceed than the fish life in ocean waters by 2050.

It is high time for us to realize the grave adversaries which the use of plastic can bring upon. We need to act as quickly as possible because, we are not the lone sufferers. Innocent cattle on streets is consuming the waste along with the plastic bags. As a result it is having a slow and painful death. Even small and poor countries were succeeded to a great extent in enforcing the laws against use of plastic. Therefore similar legislation, accompanied with great spirit from both government and public is required in an exigency like this.