Inspiring story of Lalitha Jewellery which makes you to know how to make money with hardwork…

“Born as poor is not my mistake but dying as poor is my mistake” is the famous quote said by Bill Gates. Yes this is the theme known by everyone but not done by everyone in real life. Ok coming to the point recently when we are watching the movie or serial in TV suddenly a bald man coming and giving Ad for a famous Jewellery and he is not any star hero or any politician but the chairman of the jewellery shop. He is none other than Dr.Kiran Kumar Jain, the man who followed the Bill Gates quote very perfectly and now became the leading bigshot among all jewellery shops. In any channel and any language this Ad is making every one irritated but the problems he faced for reaching such greater heights will really make you all to think about how much value is money.

Kiran Kumar Jain is a Telugu man who has grown up in Nellore in a middle class family. He thought of not to keep his family in problems because of their financial issues. Then at the age of 11 years he sold his mother’s bangles and started a business to make gold and sell them in Lalitha Jewellery shop and other south Indian jewellery shops. Infact Lalitha Jewellery is not his own one and he is a wholesaler at first and seeing all the problems in life and profession he became the most trusted seller for gold in total south India. He added the marketing strategy to his quality gold making and from then he didn’t see look back for money. Then he sold his gold to famous gold companies in India. After some years he had taken over the first company for which he sold the gold i.e Lalitha Jewellery in 1999 and then he thought of selling the gold directly to customers and then he started the Lalitha Jewellery all over India.

Interesting thing he believe always is quality and for that he issues the 916 BIS mark on all his gold products. For that he always say in the Ad that quality is first and even they are ready to give money for first time of buying if money not available. The most shocking one is he spent ₹100 crores for just Ad purpose on his own, it may take much money for offering money to any star for acting in the Ad and so he himself performing in the Ad. The only proprietor giving the Ad is Dr.Kiran Kumar Jain sir. Such a simple living and own brand ambassador for his company and even he know what is hardwork very well because he taken over the company where he worked. Like Sherry Bhai Ambani he too own the company where he worked, and proved that hard work pays off and remember that money is very valuable and we all must find the strategy to earn money with hard work because if not now then we must work hard in old age.

I really think Kiran Kumar Jain sir is perfect role model for youth to know how to yield the business with hard work.