India’s First Smart Wallet ‘Voyager’.

A company named Cuir Ally has developed India’s first smart wallet ‘Voyager’ that can be ringed and used to take a selfie.

With the Voyager, you cannot lose or misplace your wallet or phone anymore. It can easily connect to your smartphone over Bluetooth and can get you instant notifications if your wallet is left behind. Similarly, the same your wallet gets alarmed if your phone is left behind.

To find your wallet, you can simply ring it from your smartphone. But in case if you can’t find both your phone and your Voyager smart wallet, then you can login to Cuir’s Chipolo account and find the exact location of both your phone and wallet.

You can also find your smartphone through your wallet by simply double tapping the wallet and it rings your connected phone. The best part is the phone starts ringing even if it’s on silent mode, says the company.

The Voyager smart wallet looks like a regular passport-size two-fold leather wallet. It’ll be available at an introductory price of Rs 1,999.