Indian sports stars towards stylish looking sports…

During Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman and Dravid and other seniors time they given much priority for playing and admiring sport. But this generation players are admiring game along with stylish looks and they are not only working hard for game but to be fashionable. At present India’s sports are at limelight because of many successful victories by many sport stars. This is the time to look towards fashion and increase the craze of game.

Best example for such fashion and admiration of game is Virat Kohli because he is the one who shared both the experience at an equal pace. Haridk Pandya, Jadeja, Ashwin, PV Sindhu, and other stars once gained the laurels then came to spotlight changed their style towards the game. All the sport stars shared the game craze along with fashion and increased the game attitude to high. Even the victories doens’t come they make the mark according to their attitude towards game. Generally film stars do the thing to gain the craze but now even the 30-40 years players are also increasing their craze because of fashion and it will develop the aspiration in game and audience.

Such a transition in players will change their perspective toward game and also increase the ability to gain fans. Recently Mithali Raj Indian women cricket team captain dressed in western style dress and gained a lot of attention on social media. Some experts say that social media is the reason for such changeover in players. Why can’t Sachin change in a stylish manner? Yeah he tried but doesn’t attracted more than he did in admiring game. But this period young players are doing it at larger pace. In my view MS Dhoni is the real starter for fashion in Indian team. Hope this will not distract players from game and increase the craze of Indian sports and themselves. Playing game is normal but with attitude is different and it is what now our players are doing.