India towards electricity to every rural area through Saubhagya scheme…

Many nations those which are developed and still developing possess electricity to their people, don’t include the poor nations because they are still waiting for food. Then what about India like nations, biggest economy market in world which is competing with China and even America, it is still in offering the electricity to their people with new schemes. Here on September 25th the PM Narendra Modi ji has launched the scheme known as Saubhagya for giving electricity to every home by December, releasing the amount ₹16,320 crores.

This scheme is introduced to offer the poor families the free electricity by which the standard of living increase and decrease the usage of kerosene lamps. On launching the scheme Modiji stated that the poor families in India will see a monumental change in their life. After completion of this target the next aim to give 24*7 electricity to everyone. The central grants 60% and 30%by bank loans and 10% by states. Each and every person helped for a great initiative by the PM. This step is a example for perfect growth in coming days. Such giving access to the power and light to poor increases the employment opportunities to the rural areas because many of them stopped because of less energy to their house. Remote villages are offered with LED bulbs and DC fans in terms of 2011 census which give the living standards of people. Others must pay ₹500 in 10 instalments and it is such a great steps by the government.

Anyways the rural areas in India are also getting ready to experience the light because of this Saubhagya scehem. PM Narendra Modi ji has such a visionary mind in which the next general elections are kept in mind and taken the step. But the positive is for the people standard of living increasss. Government towards the welfare of poor is really a good sign for development. Hope the scehem bags the success sign and the poor really gets benefitted because of this scehem. As 90% of non electrified house holds are present in Bihar, U.P, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, and North eastern states for which the scheme had got its shape. Light for dark areas is the old saying but now forever light for dark is done by PM Narendra Modiji.