India always shows its strong hand towards peace.

India is known for its divine nature in terms of peace and help for anything related to peace. Land of cultures, give values to all, helps his neighbours all the time whenever in trouble. Nepal earthquake is the right example for it and much more. India is the only country provided a large number of the army for UNO peacekeeping mission. It lost its army for many countries, is any country ready to loose their defense. It is the only nation respects all other nations feeling and their sovereignty.

Now Srilanka is in trouble of having a big disaster of landslides and floods many people got displaced and nearly 120 people die and 97 people are missing.¬†As a big brother, India deployed its rescue forces and helping them with food. It is the prime duty of a nation to help its own neighbour. India always shows its strong hand towards peace rather than leaving a nation alone in the state of suffering. As Srilanka gave a call to international for help, India is the country responded quickly. MY INDIA JAI HIND…

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