Impractical World records recorded in Guinness book 2018

World records are noted down every year and many people try to break it. But do you know that some Impractical world records that are very ridiculous to break. Yes, Guinness world records 2017 shown few Impractical world records and the people who registered this record are working this record 24/7. Moreover it takes hard work, dedication and patience to give the best, but sometimes breaking a world record is so impractical.

Let us see the world records that are registered as impractical records of 2018

Source: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Europe

Firstly Nail artist, Ayanna Williams, 60 has been growing finger nails for almost 23 years which now measures about 18ft.10.9in. I don’t know how people withstand such pain of growing nails such long.


Secondly, longest eye lashes by You Jianxia, China which measures 4.88in. For me such long eyelashes be soo annoying because whenever we close our eyes it creates a disturbance to us, really great dedication.

Thirdly, largest cozy coupe owned by John and Geof Bitmead which is 2.7mt long.

Fourthly, meet the 6ft.9in Russian model with longest legs in world, it is really Impractical because long legs are nature’s gift and so no one can achieve it so easily. The legs are soo long that they are most beautiful part of her.

Finally, Ball of Paint, Michael Carmichael has created most layers in a ball of paint approximately 17,994 on baseball. It has took him 40years to create it.

I didn’t see such dedicated persons in my life time even in great persons. Even it is a world record how come people spend their whole life for one such record. It is really a worthy topic to know by all and such records can’t be vanished and they are forever until the almighty creates another.