High economy market with poor health

India, being a fastly developing economic nation globally is lacking in the health care of people. Healthcare is the first priority for any developing country. What is the use of development without people’s minimum health care needs? India is saying that malaria is going to be out from our nation in coming years, what is the big deal about it as we are developing it must be done, why these people are saying it as an achievement?

Latest LANCET REPORT titled “Global Burden of Disease” stated that the neighboring countries of India are in better condition than India, the so called BIG BROTHER of our neighbors. Being a big brother it must be as an example for development but not as lagging brother in HRD sector. India stands 154th rank in the index. This 25 years of the report says that India had improved 14.1 points from 30.7 to 44.8 sounds good but underperformed in areas of TB, chronic kidney diseases, diabetes. Whereas our neighbors like China (74), Srilanka(72.8), Nepal (50.8), Bhutan (52.7) which are far away from us.

Why India is lagging in this index as it always says that health is important, and also providing different schemes and many policies regarding health sector. It is bound only to words but not to actions, it is seen practically in many government hospitals. This is the reason why people are selecting corporate hospitals, and the government says go to government hospitals. Government provide less money for the health sector in the budget and says improved, how it is possible. No minimum facilities in govt.hospitals even for pregnant women. This is the situation prevailed in India and many are dying only because of improper rules and carelessness of hospital staff. Hope Indian government will make to see the index and improve the health sector and health based services available to people. If people are healthy then the country will be healthy.