‘Hyperloop‘ a promising transport network for a better future

Ever thought of traveling from Beijing to New York in 2 hours ? maybe that sounds too odd for you and you might think that feat can be achieved only in a Sci-Fi movie. Just hold your thoughts now because in near future that fictional part is going to be a part of real world in the form of Hyperloop technology.

Hyperloop is being praised as the 5th mode of transport. In a hyperloop technology a capsule will be travelling in a tube, where air has been completely sucked out of it. As result there will be no friction between the capsule and the tube, allowing the capsule to travel at greatest speed possible. Many technologists and innovators in the field of Hyperloop development claim that a passenger can travel at a maximum speed of 600 Km/h.

World’s visionary technocrat Elon Musk had already invested a lot of money and time in developing this technology. In a recent competition conducted by Musk owned Tesla company, the students of team WARR who belongs to Germany had secured the first place with a record speed of 201 mph. While Musk’s own pod broke that record with a speed of 220 mph. After the success of this event he stated through his Instagram post that “In near future we are going to accomplish the target of achieving supersonic speed”. On the other hand China’s state sponsored space company named- China Aerospace and Industry corporation (CASIC) had announced its plan of “ High speed flying train”, which is capable of travelling 10 times faster than a normal bullet train.

Thus we need not spend a lot of time in travel, which is considered to be an unproductive one. In future with in a few minutes of conversation you may travel 100’s of kilometers with Hyperloop technology.