Hyderabad Airport is the 1st to have wheel chair lift in country…

With all the initiatives and innovations the Hyderabad city is developing in its own way. Recently great initiatives by RTC for tackling traffic issues in the city and many startups by city based entrepreneurs are on the list. Now it is the turn of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad is making its way to help handicapped people and those who are arriving the Airport in wheel chair to have wheel chair lifts in the Airport. Lot of passengers are coming to Airport daily and senior citizens are also on the list and mainly for them the initiative is taken up by GMR International Airport.

This is launched for the first time in RGIA for Reduced mobility people and for senior citizens who are coming for airport. This infrastructure is known as wheel chair lift or Verti-Lift which makes such people easy to go to luggage terminal. It is done by having a motto called Passenger is prime and is all maintained through electricity and also a remote control system also supported to it. The airport officials also provided a backup energy source for this lift inorder to lessen the interruptions. The interesting thing is that all the elevators across the terminal has Braille instructions helping visually challenged people and also a special security check in officials to help and also for smooth passage through the security hold area. The dedicate seating arrangements and wheel chair friendly washrooms apart from free buggy services are also made available by RGIA.

Such great initiatives for the service of people in the city and for outsiders. Hyderabad is already a clean and with outstanding facilities in terms of Airport management. The city is stepping towards development in all cases in the city and hope the upcoming TEDx Hyderabad 2017 is also a great platform for finding developments. Anyway people are very much glad with these service at RGIA and it increases the fame of Hyderabad officials.