Hyderabad in need of relief measures…

Many cities in nation are dipping under rain water and affected by floods. Chennai, Assam and other states are victims of this field and also seen the disastrous consequences faced by people. And now it is turn of our city to get affected because of rains. Right from Wednesday midnight many areas in the city got shelter under water. The National Disaster Response Force and GHMC special Swung got into action for providing relief measures for the citizens.

Malkajgiri, Kapra, Uppal and other areas were inundated and normal life was thrown out of their locality. Such a high fi city got strucked because of small rain and nothing is to be done just to keep calm and watch. Just because of rain it is shattering like this and in case any heavy rains attack at once then what is it its position. The GHMC nowadays carrying such innovative works in city and no doubt it will offer the correct measures for the citizens. NDRF too taken the task seriously and offering the relief to people.

Roads got disturbed and people got feared and city totally sinker and it is very difficult even to cross the traffic. It takes hours to clear traffic just for 2kms. If it is the situation then the city will lose its glory and will face the negative words by many international officials who are going to visit the city in some days for international conference. Hope that GHMC will take it serious and take the prescribed steps to clear it all by next week. Even some places are calm but main places got affected due to rain in the city. Mainly the roads are to be carefully see and guided. From now planning must be on bench mark for city by which such issues will be cleared and clarified in city.