Hyderabad experiencing best photography from around world…

Many people think that they are great photographers by possessing a smartphone. Then what about real photographers who made it as their life and passion, just taking a photo is easy but snapping a pic with feel from heart and creativity is very important for a photographer. Art is the way in which everything is seen as a creation beyond thinking and is done by the artists and one among them is the creative photographers. The photography day is very special to many people because seeing such great pictures is really a boon and even buying them is also a challenge. So that only art has made a separate place for it in the world of competition.

The third edition of Indian photography Festival is kicked off at art gallery in Hyderabad on Thursday by tourism Minister. With this event many art admirers and great photographers found a stage to interact with the creators. Renowned Iranian-french photographer Reza Deghati presented key note address to event. The guest list is full of renowned world photographers across globe and also local creative photographers. Expressive art is the main theme of the festival and many budding photographers must make the use of this festive by interacting with artists around world. Hyderabad city is metropolitan and many vivid people will come and attract the event and also showcase their works that may impress world class photographers.

Over the next 18 days festive will see 525 photographers from 40 different countries and they also exhibit their art works and present their creations. Photo walks, talks and workshops also added in this event for attracting many people. Having feel and emotion in heart to take a pic will absolutely show the creator within you. So respect photography and photographers and make sure to visit the art gallery and once have a look towards artists and their passion towards art.