Hyderabad city towards Hy-Fi city…

Hyderabad is the city that is very famous for its diversified people and the availability of various opportunities in various fields. Many people come to Hyderabad just not only to live their life but to enjoy a lot because it is the city that offers all the types of people and all the culture.

But much people living in Hyderabad are local and it is known as the old city. The population of the city is more than some small countries, this shows that how much the city offers to satisfy the people in the city. The government till now done very good to develop the city into a world-class one. Many attempts made to reach this level and today the whole city Wi-Fi project came to an end and the city is now having the Hy-Fi available all over the city which means Hyderabad Wi-Fi. The people who ever use this they will receive the internet at speed of 10 Mbps for first 30minutes.

The project sounds good and this is the time for which many of the youth had waited and no doubt that now the Hyderabad city will be full of youth at particular places staying for hours. In recent days the GHMC of Hyderabad had taken up the work of cleaning the city and make it a world-class city and even the roads now in the city are very clean, it is the example to show the dedication towards making Hyderabad clean. These attempts are all to make Hyderabad a city with all round facilities and they have reached it at the maximum level. The youth in Hyderabad also making good start-ups and developing the city from another edge. Hope for the good city and wonderful city.