Hyderabad city bus stops are to be renovated…

Photo credit: The Hindu

City is full of bus stops and heavy number of people waiting for buses, not in stops but on roads. This is because the stops are not even suitable to sit and even stand. The old age people too feel uncomfortable to have a look at bus stops. In addition to this the pollution and traffic and heat are making people to feel suffocated and even severe headache. City is developed but not the basic things, so the GHMC has taken it as urgent renovation work and starting to call contractors for renovating the bus stops in the city. Bus shelters are going to come with full protection from pollution and some with AC facility.

The city main drawback is giving this bus stops renovation work to private companies in past 10years. But these companies use them as their publicity rather than giving satisfied journey to people. Whenever there is heavy rain then it will be a challenge to people to catch a bus, infact maximum number of people wait for bus on roads. Nearly 33lakhs of people go through bus services daily in city by 3500 RTC buses. By seeing all this vexed stuff GHMC decided to have the bus shelters with new technology.

At present GHMC is planning to have 826 bus shelters divided into 4 categories. At main junctions where traffic is high it is going to have AC shelters. The interesting thing is that it is going to be done by GHMC and the profit happened by this will be for GHMC which is used for city basic development. Having such shelters increase the passengers to feel comfortable and have trust in GHMC and also support the development. It is heard that Solar based shelters and AC shelters will be provided in this process. Keeping in mind about the pollution and traffic rush it is going to be new and comfortable to people. GHMC is stepping towards such renovating ideas of city basic development gives a great relief to people and even tourists. Recently some new Intelligence Traffic Management is also introducing in city traffic system and now the bus shelters too give a boost for renovating the city to new styles.