How secure is your personal data with government?

Hacker using laptop. Hacking the Internet.
image creadit: computer disposals

Have you ever wondered how secure is your personal data with government ? before rushing to register your Aadhaar card or even after its registration. Most of the people would have taken it for granted, due to various factors like excess or precisely a blind belief on present Modi lied government, absence of knowledge on cyber related crime, fear of getting disabled from accessing government financial incentives etc. The very first myth, which is built upon unprecedented trust got a severe blow with the recent incidents that related to the leaks of Aadhaar data which includes a person’s iris, thumb, contact and address details. These were good enough means for accessing a person’s bank accounts and flush the money out of it with a single click.

In a recent incident that took place in Bangalore, an android developer after his arrest, had demonstrated to the police how he had able to access the E-KYC (Know Your Customer) data illegally. He used a simple technique to bypass the website of a government hospital’s website, which doesn’t have secure firewall. It is a well known fact that every user had given their Aadhaar details at Jio retail stores in order to activate a new sim. This data is also said to be compromised, when a person from Gujarat had posted the details of all Jio users on his website. By merely entering a person’s name in the search box of his website, you can get all the personal details of him.

Even amateur hackers were able to secure the so called “most secured data” from government by exploiting simple technical loopholes, so just think of what rogue hackers (Black-hats) were capable of. India is sooner or later going to struggle with the problem of “Identity thefts” , which is a common happening in U.S.A. Every person should concern about the gravity of this situation because it is his/her personal data is being posted online without his consent. Moreover this can put him in dangerous situations that he is totally unaware of. So wake up and think about it don’t be a cattle be a human because we are living in a 21st century, which our leaders boasts it as a democratic world.