“Hit Refresh”- Satya Nadella’s New Book was Launched

Photo Source: GeekWire / HarperCollins Photos

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella had released a new book, titled “Hit Refresh”. In this book he describes about his journey from Srikakulam and Tirupathi to Redmond, Washington state. He presents to the reader about his past and present transformations.

Nadella as a strong supporter for the Quantum computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is well known to the global audience. He put forward the same views in his book, writing “ At Station Q, Microsoft researchers and collaborators are working days and nights to overcome challenges in the path towards universal quantum computing.” Further he stated that quantum computing can effectively be used to eliminate the pressing global problems such as Global Warming, Clean Energy etc.

He recollects the past failure of Microsoft in developing Nokia mobiles. He clearly stated that he opposed this move, since there is no need for another player to enter when already two big names(Android and iOs) are competing for the top place.

He writes, “ Looking back, I have been influenced by both my father’s enthusiasm for intellectual engagement and my mother’s dream of a balanced life for me”, thus depicting them as the main players in his life in realising big dreams and goals.

This is a great book to know about the latest and active technological developments in the labs of Microsoft company. It can be regarded as the one best source to come into contact with the world’s brightest mind and imagine how the future looks like. Get your “Hit Refresh ” book now and delve deep into the diamonds of Nadella’s inspiring work.