GST: The biggest economic reform in India.

Friends say one thing that didn’t you get shocked at some instants because of PM Modi government? Yes, is the absolute answer for anyone because the way they framing the policies is the bright examples for such instants.

On Nov 8th,2016 I and my friend having our dinner, watching the news and thinking that routine news is on TV but changed the channel and then a breaking news all over news channels i.e, demonetization. Yeah, the news that made me feel shocked for some minutes. Such a bold step by Modi is really reasonable and result oriented. No one will expect such a step by any politician because there is a myth that all Indian politicians are selfish. It may be right or wrong but many situations proved that.

The biggest economic reform in India i.e, one nation one tax and one market GST is got the force in India on July 1st, 2017 at midnight 12. It is such a great move by the government that once again former PM Jawaharlal Nehru speech on Independence to India is recalled. GST is key to our Indian companies for manufacturing our own innovation in all fields in our country. Tax evaders will be in fear from now because of the details of their own account will be checked by government.

Overall GST makes us to be in original form and to enrich our talent in our country but not by China which is dumping yard country of their products in all nations. All of my dear Indians will be always alert and confident that in coming times we may read in books that India is developed nation.