Grab on..

Photo credit: OfficeChai

Hey babu how much this vegetable costs 1kg, 30/-madam…what make it 15/- and give. Any confusion my dear friends, this is called Indians most loved way of saving money called bargaining. The best way is shown by Indians all over the country. Only because of this many people save money for month expenses. I didn’t know why these people do like this at first, but my mother asked me to bring coconut I went shopping and he said it costs 25/-, without my conscious I asked him to reduce the cost the I realized the value of bargaining. Yes, the saved money is your tomorrow’s expenses. Does anyone will get make use of this endemic nature of Indians as business and hit profits, yes Ashok Reddy got the idea of making money from this nature.

He started a startup known as GrabOn, that deals with the end sale price of the product by which the consumer will have that product at less price on online. This is the technique used by Ashok for encashing the nature. Recently they have released the mobile notification system known as Buzz Me. They nearly funded with $250000. It claims that it has 2000 clients from many companies like Uber, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Freecharge, Jabong, Swiggy etc, It also helps merchants to change the deals everyday. It provides the best suitable price for the consumers. It had used the funded money for developing their startup to the advanced stage, using them for infrastructure development, web development, etc, He said that he will get double than that within a couple of months. It shows that how he believes his customers and his business.

According to annual online shopping growth rate report of Google and Forrester Research said that 13.5%of e-commerce is running by coupon business with a growth rate of 62%. This includes business like GrabOn, Coupondunia, 27coupons etc, Just don’t think about the profits or the way the business is going on but just observe how Ashok had made difference from simple nature of Indians. This is called smart startup because based on a simple daily life method followed by Indians is now earning millions of turnover for GrabOn team. All the best for the team such an innovative thought and business must be of heights.