Google’s Tez will create a easy going for payments…

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With increasing in digital payments and also UPI method many apps had made their way like BHIM, Paytm, Freecharge and many more. Now the giant company Google had made its way to this field by launching the Tez app in India. The government is having a view of riding the cashless wave by tying with many companies and apps. The Google has supported the Indian payment methods and given the app for India people. The people India are money lovers and this app really very secure and easy payment doing one.

The payments app must have the unique edge for driving into success path. The Google’s Tez is now doing its best way for into success. The digital routes will be very serious and also play the important role in transferring the money and also give the easy way for dealing with government assets. The Google Tez app offers you connection with 50 Indian banks and also help to move from one bank to other. It also offers many languages that which makes easy for sending money by any type of people. The app has come up with new technology called as TezShield that protects any type of fraud or hacking of our bank account. It mainly uses fingerprint and PIN for unlocking the app and it is very safe to use. The main problem for any app is availability of their app in both iOs and Android systems, this Tez app is available on both systems.

Overall the giant company is very accurate for making the transactions easy and safe for Indian people. It has offers many new technologies for world and this may also bag the success in coming days. This app also uses the QR code for sending money to others. Overall this app is very useful and safe for using and this is enough rather than installing many apps on our mobile that which occupies much storage. Experiencing such new technological apps gives us some changeover and also make people to be much safer and thoughtful. As we all know that the Google offered products are always safe and easy to use and even more popular and no doubt that Tez will be on this list.