Good News for Hyderabadis : Metro is all set to launch in November

Now you need not get stuck in Traffic for long hours and spend your valuable time useless sitting in your car without moving a inch. Finally you can reach your home after a long day with and spend some of your time with your family members to get rejoiced. The construction of Metro project in Hyderabad is said to be in final stages and expected to open in early November.

Only the first phase of Hyderabad Metro Project will come into use, while the rest parts will soon be opened for public use. The first phase project will stretch 30 Km long running from Nagole to Ameerpet and then from Ameerpet to Miyapur. Some government officials believe that this project will be inaugurated by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in the month of November.

If Metro rail becomes active then it is going to serve the daily commutation needs of nearly 17 Lakh people in the city. Active utilisation of this Public transport by the people will eventually eliminate the traffic in city. In addition to this it will help people to travel from one region to other more swiftly and help them to evade the dust filled and polluted city roads of city.

Telangana Chief Minister, KCR is so confident of the success of this project and decided to launch it only when it is fully prepared to cater the needs of public. So cheers up, finally the dream of metro in our city is going to be for true and bid your time for your first time journey in Metro.