Golconda fort got its colorful vibrance from Bonalu

Golconda fort had its historical importance for its beauty and at the same for its colorful vibrance through Bonalu. During the drums beat the vermilion and turmeric filled men dancing and the women bringing their food for God and a whole colorful scene is seen in Bonalu. Telangana’s annual festival Bonalu got started at Shri Jagadamba Mahankali temple at fort premises.

Telangana government made its offering to deity through Endowments Minister A. Indrakaran Reddy , Home Minister Narasimha Reddy, Animal Husbandry minister T. Srinivas Yadav and Excise Minister T. Padma Rao by offering Pattu Vastralu and Bangaru Bonam to Mahankali.

Festive commenced after Thotella procession recahing the priests home at the chota Bazar, Langar Houz in the afternoon where prayers were offered to the deity till Sunday evening. After the most colourful part where “Pothuraju” dance for the mystic drum beats in turmeric body coloured and take the deity from chota Bazar to the temple atop the fort. All through the procession the Pothuraju dance for the beats in their twinkling moustache and beard. The women offer the Bonam in earthly pot to the deity. The children visit there for taking blessings from the goddess. Women devotees offer Bonam made of rice and jaggery. The earthen pots are coloured with turmeric and kunkuma and offer it with Neem leaves in it. Everything is very asthetic and very important for the devotees.

The police officials and other officials of Telangana government made very good arrangements for the festive commencement. Rain didn’t interrupted the festival vibrance. Many people from different districts and within city premises gathered for the festive. Women devotees will be offering Bonam to the deity on every Thursday and Sunday till August 12th at Mahankali temple.