GM crops affect the genuine crops?

GM crops…Genetically modified crops which mean incorporation of genes that are useful for increasing the resistance for the crop from harmful ones. These are ver much prevailed and well known in India during the Green Revolution project that which made India as the rice bowl of the world. M.S. Swaminathan is the man behind the development of the green revolution in India.

Yeah, obviously correct and even more it is the great initiation by our country but same GM crops made some less result for growth because the insect that causes damage to crop also gained resistance towards the gene. It is somewhat shock for the scientists as the result is negative after some time. Some GM crops like Bt-Brinjal, Bt-Cotton etc.these are the one that showed the great growth and then less. Now scientists are thinking to have these GM technologies in the mustard crop.

Many persons are now saying that not to perform the technology on the mustard crop because again it also can show the same less result. Better to go for the traditional cropping system and developing the soil fertility rate and the water facility. The genuine crop may get affected and then the growth may decrease. The statistics itself show that the use of GM crops at first show the nice growth but after it affects the genuine crop pattern. I don’t know why people are also accepting the GM crops after seeing such results and the government is in the thought of having another green revolution in India.