Blue Whale.. but not a game. Then what it is ?

A 19year old boy named Vignesh from Madurai, probably unhappy with his life, decided to hang himself. The teen committed suicide hanging himself, leaving suicide note that read, “Blue Whale is not a game but danger and once entered you can never exit.” Why Vignesh? It means the teenagers are probably got involved with this game and they can never exit. Is Blue Whale trap easily and if it is available then how? Is it a game(really not) ? Then how government is doing to tackle it.

Many games ruled the teenagers and even us but this game really spread like virus for teenagers those who are anxious. Speaking frankly that this Blue Whale game is not available in play store or Xbox or play station or it is not any site to go in as it is not a game at all. This is the platform where the teen and stranger have a conservation. The government too doesn’t find any clue to find it and ban it because it is not at all a website or game or open site. It is a non sense game where the kid will be anxious because of the tasks given by stranger.

Blue whale is crazy and nonsensical game.

The link can be found in comment boxes of YouTube or any hashtags by any person or the person who played and shared it. Then starts the tasks announcement by taking all the info of person and once given the info and accepting the task we can’t go back. The tasks include cut your hand and write Blue Whale name on your hand, got in to your building edge and dance, climbing a crane, watching videos sent by curator, and finally killing yourself. Blue Whale is not a game but nonsensical phenomenon and ugly one, which was founded by Philipp budeikin who is now in jail.

The fact is that the sick and psycho across the world managing this game and targeting the vulnerable teenagers by assigning death tasks in name of Blue Whale. This all is to satisfy their sadist souls. Budikien claims that he found this to eliminate the biological waste in society. In simple words to persuade vulnerable kids and kill themselves. Here is the task is now for parents that they must watch the children carefully that even a small change is seen in them, immediately check over his activities. Try to teach him what is right and wrong and say the issues happening around him.

Parents must make children to believe that you love them. Instead of hiding from them say them about everything openly and discourage them from using strange internet sites. And now kids must know that life is beautiful and very imaginary world is waiting for you and you must pursue it . You all must be strong and innovative and lead a wonderful life that everyone must inspire from you. You must not stop or fear just because of such issues. Be careful and lead a fearless and happy life. Such issues must be known instantly and stop them by parents.