From needle vaccine to tattoo vaccine…

Edward Jenner…pioneer who showed the concept of vaccination to the world, which is a great milestone in the medical field. Ever since we battled with many diseases by keeping them at Bay. But the most interesting question is how many of us are happy with the vaccination system?

When I was baby I got the fever and the big bald doctor gave me the vaccine with a long needle that made me go half a way to death….This is the horror experience by all of us. Here parents play an important role for comforting the child for the surgical mission. The baby in the queue line will cry inside himself whenever he sees the surgical strike to the baby. Many of us prayed within ourselves to avoid this vaccination system many a time.

Our relentless prayers of countless people who dread needles has prompted technology to come with an alternative. Nanotechnology is the one that has been incorporated into bioengineering has undoubtedly changed this vaccine to tattoo system. Tattoo, fashion patch which is seen everywhere. This system is called “nano patches”, which are placed on hand like a sticker or tattoo that will dissolve in skin layer or may be removed after injection of medicine into the blood. Size is approx 5mm×5mm. Apart from being pain-free, this will give advantages rather than that not given by vaccine like needle vaccine must be injected into vein tissue but this can be placed on the epidermis. This is also low at cost. This is researched by Pro. Mark Kendall from University of Queensland, Australia. If this studies can be successful, nano patches will be the next major breakthrough as the Grand challenges in global health care sector.
Be ready for a tattoo vaccine and the vaccine through needle will be a great memory for all of us in coming years.