Friendly win.. a new hope for India U-17 FIFA world cup

The Indian U-17 team has defeated the Italian U-17 team 2-0 in a friendly. (Source: AIFF Media)

Indian football team made a changeover in the recent friendly match with Italy. As we know that the India is very much good in all sports than in Football. But now the win against the Internationally strong team Italy makes a warning to the Football critics that India may perform better in the coming FIFA world cup U-17 race.. if it continuous to be like this.

It is unknown to many that India had qualified for the 1950 FIFA world cup finals but because of the reasons said by AIFF India withdrawn from the competition. From then onwards there are only a few wins for Indian football team and the importance to that also decreased periodically. Only the players themselves showed the interest and moved on. In that time this can be acted as a great boost for the young footballers to become into the field and polish their skills. I hope Indian government too understand the interest of players and encourage them and the present U-17 team must need promising support from the government because a small motivation and support can make a large difference.