France: First Country To Ban Plastic

France recently passed a major ban on plastic cups. It has become the first country in the world to ban plastic. The law will come into effect in 2020. The measure was part of the ‘Energy Transition for Green Growth’ bill which was passed in 2015 and came into effect a few months ago. Every year around 4 billion plastic cups are thrown away in France. Only a tiny 1% are actually recycled. The law will ensure that all disposable plates, cups, knives and forks will have to be made of biologically-sourced materials and can be composted.

Earlier this year, France told its stores and supermarkets that they could no longer hand out plastic bags. The ban was initially proposed by the Europe Ecology-The Greens Party to help reduce the energy used in making plastic and also to cut the waste it produces.

Let us hope that many other countries follow the footsteps of France for a greener world.