Fish Medicine for all on June 8th,2017 in Exhibition Grounds.

During my small ages, I used to listen that Hyderabad is famous for IT and next for fast development and mainly for its widespread culture. Oh! that’s great, I used to think to visit Hyderabad at once in my lifetime and I made it at my 19years of age. Yeah what my friend said is all right, what a city, development on one side and fast culture on another side. But a hidden side presents in Hyderabad i.e, famously known as here FISH MEDICINE. I didn’t see now how the program is held and also I don’t know about it just know only that it cure asthma. I thought that only a few people go there because it is not such famous. But one day I turned on Tv there is a news that a big queue in grounds for fish medicine, I got shocked by seeing this. It is once again proved that Indians are good in beliefs. But what makes them go in such a way for that, just because of reality in it. There is no matter of age whoever has the fear of asthma they go there and had the fish medicine. Veg type of fish medicine is also available by using jaggery. It contains such a medicinal value so that people believe in it.

This year it is going to be conducted on June 8th,2017 in Exhibition Grounds, Nampally. Whoever wants this medicine remember the date and area. It is always administered by Bathini’s family. It is good to help people in terms of health. Always the support of the respective government is supported for this. It is like the big race at one place participated by many peoples without no differentiation in age. For this event, much police forces are going to be deployed by the Home department.

Last year for about 3.5lakh people had the prasadam said by the trust-in-charge. The administers of this already taken full steps in arranging the water supply at the queue lines and power department for the power supply all the day. Hope there will be a huge profit because of this for the people and there must not be any disturbances in queue and safety is main during such big race.