Festival brought new rules and mood to city…

When I was small I always tend to listen to songs on Lord Ganesha, not all the times but on a special occasion called Ganesh Chaturthi. Really many people wish to celebrate this festival with very great divine nature and also mainly children who take an active part in the festival. Collecting funds for placing the idol in their street and also for enjoying the whole occasion as that the festival is exclusively for them. The Elephant God who is said to be the first god to worship in Hindu mythology i.e, known as Siddhi Vinayaka. The story known to all is very interesting that Parvathi goddesses make him guard her, which made Lord Shiva to get angry for not entering him into the place where Parvathi stays. This is all some known story to all of you and there is nothing new to explain to you people.

Main hearing here is to say that Hyderabad is the city that which celebrated this festival with great pleasure, and also the people whoever take part in this feel prestige to host that year idol in their street. Coming to the tallest idol in Hyderabad the Kairathabad Vinayaka will occupy the first bench. Regarding every aspect that comes under this festive, the same place will be first all the time. This occasion brings new rules and moods in the city both for people and also for traffic system in the city. The placement of idol will be for 5days, 9 days and some places the days may extend and mainly the food items prepared on this occasion are very special to children.

This occasion is a great boon for road side idol makers and the total September month will be a profit month for them. Many people buy idols even in heavy rain and also in heavy truck traffic., only because to enjoy the mood and carry on the prestige. The pooja program will be held by different people on different days and the main stage is buying laddu in auction form. This is the stage in which every stage of people tries to get Laddu because they think that Laddu is of great value. This occasion brings the togetherness among many people but it is regarded as the most sensitive festive across India since this inauguration.
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