Emojis are fun to use as lock rather than PIN or Pattern…

Image Credits: Getemoji.com

PIN or Pattern lock is the common and lost used security lock by everyone even by the giant business magnets. But why can’t we try somewhat new? I.e using our favourite emojis in place of PIN or Pattern. Many researchers thought of same and done research and proving that emojis are easily remembered and funny in using.

In our daily life we all hide our files and even feelings with our lock like PIN number 1234 or screen pattern. Even though the PIN numbers are easily remembered by us but using emojis is new idea and somewhat keeping our funny feelings in it. Some people will make a story using emojis and some people express their feelings through emojis and even some people do the chat full of emojis. I don’t how people will have chat with emojis, interesting but bored for me. Coming to the research, some researchers taken some amount of people and gave them smartphones and asked to have PIN and Pattern and emoji lock for their phones and said to come after 2weeks. The result is that many people remembered PIN lock because of their daily usage in that form. Interesting point is that people said that they felt funny and enjoy while using emoji as their lock.

Using emoji as lock makes you to memorize some of our feelings and story and some people had their favourite song in form of emoji. Likewise again research has been done by some people (names are not mentioned) and this time half of the people used emoji type lock rather than PIN or Pattern and they felt that it is full of funny while using emoji as their lock. Coming to security issue the researchers said that using PIN is some what difficult to find because of their fixed quantity and emoji is easy because by knowing their way of unlocking the emoji lock the other can easily known the essence and can unlock it. But using some critical emojis they can overcome it and even PIN is somewhat regular and easily understood, in case of emojis it is different and funny.

As technology is increasing and usage of it in various purposes is seen. This type of using technology in funny and memorable way make future generations to use it in proper way. Anyway this type of using emoji as lock screen make the FB users somewhat crazy because of their daily usage of emojis.

Note: original article go to link as follows-https://theconversation.com/why-emojis-might-be-your-next-password-76973