Electric Avenue- Energy harvesting tiles line London “Smart Street”

Photo Source@Pavegen

Could anyone think that city sidewalks will generate energy for electrifying the street lights? An interactive installation in London is taking initiative in pursuing this futuristic idea from little lined interactive tiles that transforms it into energy harvesting smart street.

The project launched on June29 in Bird street, a quiet and relatively traffic free road, according to statement released by Pavegen, the company that produces the interactive tiles. When the visitors amble the street the tiles will capture the energy and store and generates power that triggers soundscapes of chirping birds and nighttime light displays along the Avenue. Other installations of innovative technologies like- a seating area that doubles the air purifier and eliminates the nitrogen dioxide and offers pure air for visitors.

The transmitters in the tiles array interact with the app’s that provide walkers with data about steps taken and how energy produced from steps; their steps also deliver vouchers and discounts for various pop-up shops along the street. Visitors can also get fresh air by sitting on “Clean Air Bench” made by Air labs, a design company addressing air pollution in urban environment. Eight fans inside the bench make to remove 95% nitrogen dioxide and release the fresh air for the visitors sitting on bench.

The smart street debut initiative followed for tackling the problems in environment and for economy purpose will be a successful idea, by London mayor Saidq Khan. From air pollution and climate change to housing and transport, new technologies will be at heart of long term solutions for urban challenges. Hope this cutting edge technologies will make London a more and more smart city and also be a teens setter for many others.