Dara Khosrowshahi was named as the new CEO of UBER

GeekWire Photo by Dan DeLong

UBER had got new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) named Dara Khosrowshahi. Dara had been chosen as CEO unanimously by all the members of Board of Directors (BoD). In an official letter to its employees, UBER’s BoD had stated that “ We are really fortunate to gain a leader with Dara’s experience, talent and vision. He is going to lead UBER into the future building world class products, adding value for the drivers and riders across the world…. ”

Dara had succeeded Travis Kalanick, who received a standing ovation from his employees as he leaves the highest post of UBER. While leaving his office Travis Kalanick told to press that “ I’m feeling so happy to pass the torch to an inspiring leader” Originally Dara Khosrowshahi belongs to Iran, from where fled to U.S along with his mother during 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. He spent his childhood in New York city and later received formal engineer training at Brown. Prior to the entry into UBER he successfully led as the CEO of Expedia, one of the world’s largest transport and technological companies. He got married to a woman named Sydney and has four children.

However Dara didn’t stepped into bed of roses, instead into a time of turbulence. UBER is facing several allegations across the world, where several cases like sexual harassment, distribution of a rape victim’s medical records, an exploded car, drugs usage were charged against it. Therefore every eye in corporate world is so eager to know, how Dara is going sail his company a very tough voyage that anyone could ever think of.