Cute Couple Samantha and Naga Chaitanya had their marriage

Love is common but attaining eternal love is really a boon and even it is a great life to that one. Nowadays love is full of common and it’s daily schedule includes going to movie and chit chatting hours together and sending their pics and most importantly saying I love you all the day. Many feel that saying I love you more times implies the true and strong love but infact distance and trust and loyal makes you true and a strong lover. Many movies are there in Tollywood based on love and only some of the actors acted in that turned intlo real life time lovers. Aashiqui2 and Gharshana(Tamil) are myslef known examples. Many actors have love stories but only one will be actor either a girl or boy. This eternal love will make you to go through the valuable stage marriage and that is what happened yesterday i.e oct6th for Samantha and Naga Chaitanya marriage. Akkineni Nagarjuna and Amala also had love marriage and now they are gifted with Chaisam love marriage.

Many actors felt so love towards their loved ones in movies but in real life it is difficult. Our well known love couples are Surya and Jyothika and now the names that will be in Tollywood is Samantha and Naga Chaitanya. Starting from Yem maaya chesavy movie these two actors stealed many hearts but the secret the even they also flattened for each other. Many of us have seen the lip locks in that movie and the romance between them but they both had seen a pure and real love in the story and they fallen for it. In the movie Manam god again showed their real life characters as husband and wife and today it is real. Tollywood had many sweet couples and they all are arranged marriage and even childhood friends became couples like Allu Arjun with Sneha Reddy. But many of us waited for the Akkineni Naga Chaitanya marriage with Samantha because it is such a cute and mesmerising couple who loved in movie and made it true in real life. Of course we all may think it is only possible in such high status people life, no it is possible if we be true and loyal to our love and even it doens’t come then you are not suited for one another. The marriage is accepted by both families and interesting thing is both Hindu and Christian marriage processor is followed and on ocr7th Christian processor is done.

Really it is an achievement moment for any lover and it is the time for Samantha and Naga Chaitanya. Whole Tollywood is praising this sweet couple who made their love true and real. Both families attended the marriage and Daggubati family too main in the marriage function. And other actors and actresses attended the function. Anyway a happy married life lo both the stars and hope this lovable life will be all the way in their life. All the wishes from walkinhyderabad magazine. Don’t forget to love and achieve it.