“Consti-Tution” – Fun way to learn about our constitution

Civics classes of our school days are definitely boring ones to us, since they seem even more complex than quantum physics at that age. If you too fall into that category, then you have missed the most essential part of our life. After coming out of schools, we usually don’t pay any attention to learn about our constitution, since we are busy with our engineering and medicine subjects. But it is imperative for every one of us to learn about the fundamentals of our constitution as you are also an integral part of it. It also grants some privileges to every one of us, therefore it is essential that we are fully aware of our rights to survive in this society.

It will be really a herculean task to learn our constitution instantly, where we need to refer to dictionary to decode the jargon language that is used in it. However learning it through watching videos especially if they consist some fun it, it won’t be annoying to learn our constitution. In Fact it will be interesting, therefore newslaundry.com, came up with this innovative idea to explain about our constitution in a simplified manner.

Newslaundry had started a web-series titled, “Consti-Tution” on youtube, directed and presented by Meghnad.S, a public policy professional. It will be definitely engaging and worth watching. So please share some of your valuable thing on the most productive thing that helps you to sail even during rough winds.