Climate Change Is Real & It’s Happening

Image Source: Thinglink

Pollution affects all the elements of an ecosystem, including air, water, and soil. Due to this, a rapid climate change is happening around the world. According to World Health Organization, pollution causes 1 in every 10 deaths every year. India has 11 of the most polluted cities in the world, more than China, which has only two.

You can do many things to reduce your impact on the environment.
Reduce the amount of time you spend in the car and improve your fuel economy by carpooling or using public transportation. Walk, cycle or use public transportation as an alternative to driving. Working from home and shopping online are other practices that can reduce driving. Instead of using poly bags, try to carry cloth or jute bags when you step out to buy groceries. Save energy in and around the house to reduce carbon emissions. Don’t litter, especially in or near water bodies.

Go green:
Choose environment-friendly products in the house. Planting trees in your garden, house or surroundings can reduce pollution.

Starting these small changes in your life from today can make our environment secure and pollution free.