City towards smart technology for safety..

Hyderabad city is known for its tech hub and also varied usage of technology for safety of people. The police officials in city are very much attentive towards the safety and stepped forward in this matter by introducing new technology that decrease the risk in traffic problems. The new technology introduced is ITMS(Intelligence Traffic Management System) which is is its first kind in Asian continent. This management system is useful for better traffic control for safety of people, sound sensors, water logging sensor, suspicious vehicle tracking.

The newly introduced system is first of its kind in Asian continent and replaced by old system called HTRIMS(Hyderabad Traffic Integrated Management System). For this new technology the different software based cameras are being used in city at different and important places. These will help to control the traffic and above explained techniques in smart way. Already trails had been done and good results has been drafted from this technology and ready to interpret in many areas of the city. The main use of this technology interpretation in city is to make citizens feel easy in traffic by arranging signal and digital borads and make to follow the rules even better. It is tying with Google maps so that it can easily depict the traffic issues. As we all know that Hyderabad is the first city to introduce e-chalanas and got success and now again with this technology the city peddled into new bounds.
Coming to the technology it includes various and interesting uses like it counts the number of vehicles going through the signal and if traffic is more it guides to take alternative route. It also give signals whenever there is heavy traffic or water logged conditions occured. It also track the fake number plates of vehicle according to colour and send the chalanas without the interference of police. It arranges the remaining list who needs to pay chalanas. It also give ambulance the correct path for transportation of organ when needed. It is all maintained by the command control centre present in the city. Such a high and smart technology is used in Hyderabad gives us such a relax because from now the traffic issues will be less.

The citizens of the city will be very much thankful to the police officials for introducing such smart and safer techniques in city. Another great achievement by the city police can be seen from this case. In future this technology is arranged all over the city and maintain the correct traffic system in city.